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Alzheimer's disease, Investor Announcement

IMAGINE Phase 2 clinical trial Investor Conference call

MELBOURNE, March 31, 2013: Access to the IMAGINE Phase 2 clinical trial investor conference call hosted on Monday 31st March Australian EDT is available via Open Briefing.


Alzheimer's disease, Investor Announcement

Prana Biotechnology announces top line results of Phase 2 IMAGINE trial of PBT2 in Alzheimer’s disease

MELBOURNE, March 31, 2014: Prana Biotechnology (ASX:PBT/NASDAQ:PRAN) has today released the top line results of the 12-month Phase II Imaging trial in Alzheimer’s Disease (“IMAGINE” Trial), based on draft results. Prana’s PBT2 did not meet its primary endpoint of a statistically significant reduction in the levels of beta-amyloid plaques in the brains of prodromal/mild Alzheimer’s disease patients, as measured using PiB-PET Standardized Uptake Value Ratio (SUVR). Whilst there was a reduction in the overall levels of the PiB PET signal in patients treated with PBT2, the results were confounded by an atypical reduction of levels of the PiB PET signal in the placebo group as well.


CEO Geoffrey Kempler and Dr Rudy Tanzi provide an overview of PBT2, the company’s lead compound under development as a treatment for Alzheimer’s and Huntington disease.

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