Brain Cancer

What is it?

Brain Cancer is the leading cancer killer for people aged less than 39, the second leading cause of cancer death in women under 44 and 100% fatal in its malignant form. However, it remains one of least understood and studied of all cancer types.

As research into Brain Cancer is limited, no risk factors have been identified.

How common is it?

About 69,720 new cases of brain cancer were diagnosed in the US in 2013. In the UK, about 9,365 people were diagnosed with brain cancer in 2011, while about 1600 people in Australia are diagnosed with the disease each year.

What is the limit of existing therapy?

Current treatment options include surgery, radiation therapy, radiosurgery, chemotherapy and some targeted drug therapies.

What is Prana’s progress?

PBT519 is being advanced as a treatment for brain cancer. It is currently undergoing preclinical toxicology screening and no date has been set to begin clinical trials.

Prana has a library of 1000 novel MPACs available for screening and assessment for therapeutic applications in neurodegenerative diseases.


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